Creating a Welcoming Outdoor Living Space

Out of all the spaces in my home and yard, my back patio was by far the most bland and sad-looking. If my house were banana bread, my patio would be the walnuts…something to be avoided! The tragic part: it is a spacious area with great views.

I knew that if I continued to avoid that patio, I was missing out on a real memory-making opportunity. I also knew that my home full of rambunctious kiddos, a playful puppy, and visiting friends and family needed a patio area as versatile as we are! It was time for me to transform those walnuts into chocolate chips!

But first…

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate how tragic these before images look!

A bland, empty back patio

An empty backyard patio in need of outdoor decor

A dead plant sits on an empty patio

From the dead potted plant, to the absolute blank pavement, nothing here says, “Welcome!” I was almost embarrassed for people to walk into my backyard because that patio felt so unfinished.

Isn’t a patio like the living room of your yard? I think yes. And all I could imagine is how bizarre it would be if all I had in my living room was a hose and a dead plant.

That sounds like the opening scene of a Breaking Bad episode, which doesn’t exactly scream family-friendly living space, you know.

The Cane Crossing Outdoor Collection in a beautifully decorated outdoor living space

The Cane Crossing Outdoor Collection in an outdoor living space that features string lights and an outdoor rug

But alas, with the help of The Home Depot and a good 20 hours of elbow grease, we made something out of that patio that I am proud of.

When constructing my patio space, I created it with three themes/goals/tips in mind:

1. Plants, plants, plants

2. Functionality

3. Design

Shall we begin the tour?

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